Month: February 2021

Capsules – Typology of Other Architecture

Author: Peter ŠenkISBN-10 : 1138280356ISBN-13 : 978-1138280359 This book investigates the architectural, product design, and urban typology of the capsule which,…

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Magnetic Cube Toy

【MAGNETIC CUBE】磁石ブロックパズル 知育玩具 立体パズル カラフル マグネットブロック Looks like it could have been inspired by the Capsule Tower! Available at

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Ichnographia Cellae Graphic art created by Dogma for the Confinement collaborative exhibition. Dogma is the office founded by Pier Vittorio Aureli…

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Can Buildings Metabolise? Article by zero=abundance.

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Nick Coupland Illustration

Wall art for sale at

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Imaimasen Graphic Art

Neat graphic by いま いません Tumblr imaimasen Instagram @null_404hzl Twitter @404hzl

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Aomame Sportswear by Clil Shiloh

There are plenty of Capsule Tower inspired clothes around – mostly T-shirts and hoodies with printed images on those web…

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