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Nakagin Capsule 3D Engineering Model

Nakagin Capsule Tower YouTube Playlist

All the videos I can find that are either about or at some point feature Nakagin Capsule Tower, Capsule House…

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After Nature – Metabolism in 2020

A short film by director Christopher Blackmore due for release Q2 2021 By Christopher BlackmoreWith Nobuo Abe, Mikio Kurokawa, Maeda…

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Ohara Family Dining Table / In the Capsule 限界オタクの主人公「今崎レオ」は、推しアイドルの突然の引退で着ているサイン入りのシャツが何をやっても脱げなくなってしまう。最後の望みを賭け、彼は友人から紹介された謎の男を訪ねるのだった。 The main character of the marginal nerd, “Leo Imasaki,” cannot take…

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Koichi Wakui

Koichi Wakui san is a photographer and filmmaker specialising in documentary films of musical performers. He has filmed and produced…

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