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Sirius Capsule Tower by Brutal Cities

https://brutalcities.com/products/sirius-capsule-tower “This MDF wargaming terrain kit is the perfect centrepiece for cyberpunk games. It’s inspired by the famous Nakagin Capsule…

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Skate-Leading Stars

Skate-Leading Stars is an anime series which follows the adventures of a group of high school boys who participate in…

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Nattapong Moonwong – Nakagin Capsule Tower Tokyo Japan 2049

Really detailed isometric graphic art by Mr Nattapong Moonwong, a future vision inspired by the Nakagin Capsule Tower. The image…

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Magnetic Cube Toy

【MAGNETIC CUBE】磁石ブロックパズル 知育玩具 立体パズル カラフル マグネットブロック Looks like it could have been inspired by the Capsule Tower! Available at Oghappy.jp

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