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Trevor Patt Photography

Trevor Patt’s photographs are different. Nakagin Capsule Tower has been photographed a grillion times and you often see the same…

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Denys Nevozhai Photography

It’s pretty safe to say that if you have ever looked for images of the Nakagin Capsule Tower, you will…

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Vintage Photos 3 – The Completed Nakagin Capsule Tower

A selection of photographs taken shortly after completion of the Nakagin Capsule Tower. Some are very similar, showing different resolutions…

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title: 0

title: 0 is a photo exhibition by artist and photographer Shiori Kawamoto san, held on the 4th-6th December 2020 at…

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Koichi Wakui

Koichi Wakui san is a photographer and filmmaker specialising in documentary films of musical performers. He has filmed and produced…

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DARK CITIES Trilogy – 02 Capsule

The DARK CITIES trilogy is a set of art photography books by Singapore based architect and photographer Mr Shyue Woon….

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Nakagin Capsule Girl Book Cover

Nakagin Capsule Girl

A collaboration between photographer Mr. Kazan Yamamoto and the Nakagin Capsule Tower Building Preservation/Regeneration Project, this crowdfunded book features glamour…

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