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Anastasia Seasae Voxel Art

These superb voxel designs are by Anastasia Seasae (Anastasia K on Artstation), an artist and illustrator from St Petersburg, Russia….

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Gerry Buxton Nakagin Capsule Tower Screen Print

This striking limited edition screen print is by photographer, illustrator and printmaker Gerry Buxton. They are available from his web…

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Alexander Paromov Nakagin Capsule Tower CGI

This Nakagin Capsule Tower project by 3D artist Mr Alexander Paromov features a detailed and accurate 3D model, which he…

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Rémy Trappier Nakagin Capsule CGI VR Environments

These excellent CGI renders are by Rémy Trappier, 3D designer, 3D freelance artist and an artistic director for content of…

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