Nakagin Capsule Tower Social Media Accounts

There is a wealth of material published by so many people on their social media accounts. This page collects together links to some of the main accounts that I have enjoyed reading. Some are devoted entirely or almost entirely to the Nakagin Capsule Tower. Others, for example from people who stayed in a capsule for a month or two, have large sections of Capsule Tower related posts.

I will add to this as I find new accounts. Accounts are in no particular order. I’ve added a short commentary for some, occasionally including my impressions – I hope nobody is offended w

Note: Please contact me if you’d prefer me not to list your account, or if I have made an error or omission.

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Ishimaru Akiko san, first class architect and President of the Nakagin Capsule Tower Building A606 Project. Lived in Nakagin Capsule Tower for a year starting in 2013, restored A606 and operated shared office facilities for several years. During the demolition of the building rescued A606 and six other capsules. Passionate about accurate preservation of the building’s unique architectural heritage, works tirelessly to achieve that aim. I owe her, and the Vice President, a debt of thanks for their generosity in taking the time and trouble to answer my questions and show me detailed photographs of the building. Currently running a crowdfunding for the next stage of building preservation at


Vice President and Technical Director of the Nakagin Capsule Tower Building A606 Project, Ishimaru Tomozoh san is the leading expert on capsules and the capsule tower building. A professional photographer, he thoroughly researches even the smallest details and applies his experience of the restoration of classic cars to the restoration of capsules. Seems to find 30 hours per day.

Nakagin Capsule Tower

President of the Nakagin Capsule Tower Preservation and Regeneration Project, Maeda Tatsuyuki san was the owner of 14 capsules and provided a monthly capsule rental service allowing many people to experience capsule life, some of whom are listed below. He is in the process of repairing and refitting 23 capsules rescued from the capsule tower building. He has a long-standing and highly active social media presence on twitter, Instagram and Facebook:


Koe san is the super-high energy, eternally youthful cosplay DJ who regularly used to broadcast her sets from capsule B1103. She is the author of two zines “Nakagin Capsule Tower Building Days 1 and 2”. She has a keen interest in searching for unidentified creatures. Very active on social media, especially Instagram but you must also look at her excellent twitcasting archive. A force of nature!

showcase tokyo

Yoshida Yuka san is the inspirational guide who ran tours of the Nakagin Capsule Tower, including online tours that allowed so many people to get a flavour of the building. Check out her Instagram for lots of beautiful images of Tokyo architecture.


Monthly capsule B907 resident March to October 2021. She has an active twitter account with lots of capsule tower content, but even better is her Instagram which has a huge and ever-growing collection of capsule tower photographs. Thank you!

wanichan aka 35.665728n139.763445e

Monthly Capsule B908 resident March to May 2021.

Runa and Aibo

Monthly capsule A503 (and possibly B403) resident March 2021 to November 2022. Accompanied by her robot Aibo dog, who she loves. Started a trend for Capsule Tower related fingernails. Lots of lovely photographs of capsule life – thank you Runa san. Read her poetry on note.

Nakagin Capsule Tower Daughters Lunar Space Ark Daughters

Runa san’s follow-on account:


Monthly capsule A806 resident January to March 2021. Shared a fabulous series of monochrome photographs of her stay. Follow the hashtag #nakagincapsuletower_2D.


Monthly capsule B807 resident March to November 2021. Writer and Capsule cook! Brewing and alcohol enthusiast.


Monthly capsule A503 resident October to December 2019. Read her note articles on the emotional impact that living in, and then leaving the capsule tower had.

Pol Cuenca

Capsule Tower fan and top class digital artist from Spain. Pol has created some amazing graphics and animations, and at the end of 2023 also created 1/80 scale 3D printed capsules. You must see his work.

Pol Cuenca Cuenk89

Miyoshi Fumi

Composer and Club Dj. Capsule resident 2015 and onwards.

Hajime Kawamura

Capsule B703 resident 2010 and onwards.

Yusaku Lee

Bruce Lee collector and capsule enthusiast

Koichi Wakui

Film maker and photographer specialising in music documentary, with a long association with Nakagin Capsule Tower A606.

Ryuji Hayama aka りゅ

Monthly capsule resident A806 February 2019 and A504 February 2020. Music enthusiast and creator of iconic t-shirts! See his capsule diaries on note.

urbex ryukatei

An amazing collection of photographs on Instagram, finding some rarely seen angles. I still haven’t figured out where a couple of them were taken. Especially check out #1day1nakagin/. Teams with urbex photographer @espinas3.

lilac.255 and _syrups

Architectural graphic art with more than a hint of capsule tower inspiration. Gorgeous work!


This is where #savenakagin came from. Unique documentation of the renovation of capsule B406. Also runs

photografias nakagin

An excellent collection of photographs, also including page images from books on Metabolist architecture.

Kentaro Takaki

Photographer and monthly capsule A504 resident November to December 2020.


Monthly capsule resident February to March 2021. Another superb collection of photographs.


Great collection of photographs.


Monthly capsule A504 resident August to September 2019.

Kedama Inamura

Very creative artist with a highly distinctive style. She made B1007 her own July 2019 to February 2022 and was one of the last residents to move out.

Tomaki Maeda

A really creative guy, Tomaki san was a monthly capsule A504 resident October to November 2019. He made lots of artistic projects, documented on his blog and social media – a must read.

Chie Nomura

Journalist, actor, model and monthly capsule resident April to October 2021. Observant, direct, brave.


Monthly capsule B907 resident November to December 2018. This must have been one of the first rental periods.

Pol Cuenk

Top notch 3D artist and animator, created some amazing Nakagin Capsule content.


Tour photos April 2021


Editor of Nakagin Capsule Style. Monthly capsule resident March to June 2021.

Takeshi Kitahara aka tkmido

Prolific photographer with an interest in architecture and fashion.


Monthly capsule A503 resident January to February 2020. I find Suzuki san has an air of mystery. Stylish. Loves live music, arts, good food, film and culture. Twitter feed is pretty intense at times. Follow her media to see some wonderful places.

mariko sakuma

Owner of the fabulous Japanese style capsule B1102.

Shyue Woon

Photographer and author of the Dark Cities Trilogy.

Maria Ishii

Monthly capsule A806 resident March-April 2020. A very impressive, talented and beautiful young woman with broad interests. You must read her note articles to really catch a flavour of capsule life.


Monthly capsule B907 resident September 2020. Daft Punk fan!

Muchipuri aka Tomoe Muchiko

Monthly capsule A806 resident December 2018 to January 2019. Many beautiful photographs.


Monthly capsule resident A503 January to February 2019 and A504 January to February 2021.

Naoko Haga

Ballet history researcher and expert, visiting professor at Taisho University. Haga san presents a series of excellent video diaries from Capsule House K on her Instagram account. Highly recommended.


Monthly capsule B908 resident February to March 2020.


Just a couple of photos here. Possibly a monthly capsule resident February to March 2021?

Esther Landivar

Architecture student page about Kisho Kurokawa.

Ryu Maeda

Photographer. Fashion/glamour session in A904 October 2019.

Osamu Takahashi

Owner of capsule A701, First Class Structural Engineer, Professor at the Tokyo University of Science, container habitat innovator.

Clemens Gritl

OK, so not Nakagin Capsule Tower but some strong metabolist DNA in these amazing fantasy brutalist designs.

blue 7 earth

Architectural photographer, does some amazing work. There are some real Nakagin Capsule Tower gems in this portfolio, including one of my absolute favourites.


Capsule graphics and a related shop.

Murota Mayu

Monthly capsule resident April to June 2019, author of the booklet “Recommendations for Capsule Residents”, and Finnish sauna expert. Unconventional. Elegant. Organised a music event in December 2019 in which artists performed in three different capsules, the audience moving from place to place.


Monthly capsule A806 resident March to April 2019, motorcyclist and photographer. Great photos.

Yoshimi Hama

Monthly capsule resident February to December 2021. Great series of Instagram photos – thank you!

Yae Tanaka

A803 user, September 2020.

ryuuz photo

Photographer with a keen interest in Nakagin Capsule Tower and sports cars


Possibly a student project.


Architecture student project.


B703 February to March 2021

2.5 Architects

Check out their Daydream Lab in the Office highlights. A1103 January to February 2021.

Sara Hiromi and Brigette Bloom

Capsule B704 visitors May 2015. Free spirits.


A miniature capsule model. I hope one day to see more of this.


An extensive lego project featuring its own version of the Nakagin Capsule Tower.




Capsule resident from 2015

Kenichi Muranaka

Founder and Director of Enerbank, sponsor of the “Save the Capsules” campaign that saw capsule windows lit up with the Enebank logo. Owner of capsule A802 from around 2015.


Ukrainian owner of capsule B607. Sadly his YouTube videos are gone, but who knows, maybe one day in better times they will be back. Seems like a nice guy, I wish him well.

Capsule Kagu

Capsule furniture by Tenshan.

Walk in Closet Project

Fashion photography in A606, September 2017 to February 2018.


Photographer. February 2021 photoshoot in capsule B907.


Capsule A1308 resident, August 2022.


Super 3D-printed Nakagin Capsule Tower model, with illumination.


Some multi-pane photographs and artwork.


3D artist and designer. Nakagin Capsule remodels.

Kazan Yamamoto

Professional glamour photographer, Nakagin Capsule Girl and associated exhibition.


Demolition photographs.

Miina Aruku

Nakagin Capsule Tower and Capsule House K

Noriko Mejirosan

Demolition photographs.

Takashi Sugai

Long associated with Nakagin Capsule Tower and involved with capsule preservation. Possibly resident in 2013.


Monthly capsule B403 resident December 2020 to January 2021.


Resident of A1105 2016 to 2018. Cybernetic artist.


Owners of A503 until September 2017, before it became the monthly MUJI capsule.


Model. Kinbaku or Shibari. November to December 2016. Erotic and glamour photographs in B704 and A904.


Insta account of a range of clothing inspired by Nakagin Capsule Tower.


Monthly capsule resident August to September 2020. Talented artist – recommend taking a look at her Instagram.


Architecture student project.


Monthly capsule B907 resident, January to February 2021.

d’ores Takumi Miyamoto

Owner of the uniquely styled capsule B806, instantly recognisable with its multiple rectangular windows.


Photos, mainly from the demolition.


Monthly capsule A503 resident April 2019 (?).

Uchida Yuichi

Photos, mainly from the demolition.


First class architect. Wonderful sketches.

Nakagin Shobo

Nakagin Shobo is a publisher once based in capsule A708. Crowdfunding a book featuring photographs of @AmiTomite in the Nakagin Capsule Tower by photographer @JunSawai.


I had never seen a cyclops girl before I saw Chillda. I think something unique to Japan and that could only happen in Japan. Fabulous. Monthly capsule B1101 resident February 2021. The camera loves this girl.


Tokyo based architectural photographer.

Jan Vranovsky

Architect, designer and photographer. Overnight B403 in 2015.

Tsukkakezamurai aka Eihohirezaki

Owner of capsule A605 and collector of beautiful Japanese art. Of all the capsules that were converted to be different from the originals, A605 is my favourite.


Digital preservation, AR and VR.

Rieko Naito

Religious scholar, author and monthly capsule resident May to June 2019. Produced the zine 中銀カプセルタワー絵日記ジン, a picture diary of on her experiences living in the tower (I’d love to get my hands on a copy but never managed). There was once a blog “The Secret Diary of Rieko Naito” which included diary entries and images, though has since been removed.


An architecture and cultural heritage enthusiast, with capsule tower tweets going back to 2011.

Rin Matsuki

Sci-fi writer and monthly capsule B907 resident October to November 2020, read the series of note articles.


Spanish architectural group that created a full-scale replica of a capsule, exhibited in San Sebastien in October 2019.


Curator, partially based in the Nakagin Capsule Tower.

Miri aka BarbicanEstateM

Monthly capsule B908 resident March to April 2019. Alternative rock band singer. Also a Capsule House K enthusiast – check out her Instagram highlights.


Architecture, art and design magazine.

Yoshiteru Enomoto

Set designer and 3D modeler. Created a 3D model of the Nakagin Capsule Tower, viewable on

Takeshi Uchibayashi

Maker of beautiful things, capturing the essence of the moon, illuminated crystals. Created the capsule lamp for capsule B1102.

Gluon Tokyo

Architecture and cities. Digital architecture preservation, including a high-resolution 3D Digital Archive of the Nakagin Capsule Tower, inside and out.


Architecture and capsule enthusiast, posting from 2014 onwards.


Intriguing woman into dolls and cacti. Enjoyed a Capsule Tower tour in 2018, a few nice photos.

Mero Yamashita

Designer of a huge number of colourful and retro 1980s keyrings and souvenirs. Often visited Koe san in B1103. Designer of the Nakagin Capsule Tower Ginza keyring.


Architectural designer making unique soft fabric models of famous buildings, including the Nakagin Capsule Tower.

Kazue Tachinoi

Freelance writer and participant in the A606 shared office scheme.

Ryo Fujiwara / Lilea Lab

Photogrammetry and digital archiving for VR and AR building preservation. Creator of the VR-Chat and Cluster Nakagin Capsule Tower environments.

Lisa Knight

Photographer. On her timeline you will find a few photographs and a movie clip from inside and outside the tower. Quality over quantity here.


‘Windows’ are devices that should be open to society. The ‘Nakagin Window Project’ was launched to communicate the significance of the building’s existence to society. Through the project, we would like to reconsider together with you the ‘scenery (appearance) seen from inside’ and ‘scenery (appearance) seen from outside’ of the Nakagin Capsule Tower.

Nahoko Wada

Dr Nahoko Wada is President of Tokyo Architectural Access Point, University teacher and Nordic architecture expert. She has a long association with the Nakagin Capsule Tower, and the A606 shared office in particular. Her YouTube Channel features a threepart series on the building.


Variously described as a music collective, chiptune artist and music producer, Toriena collaborated with the Nakagin Capsule Tower Preservation and Revitalisation project in a 2017 crowdfunding, holding an in-capsule DJ set.

Nora Onna

Singer and ukele player, part of the December 2019 music event organised by Murota Mayu san.

Naoaki Nishimura

Ambient musician, part of the December 2019 music event organised by Murota Mayu san.


Band, part of the December 2019 music event organised by Murota Mayu san.

Desmond Walsh

Top-flight 3D modeler, creator of a superbly detailed model of the Nakagin Capsule Tower. Also check out his amazing Turtlecom project, which gives some real insight into the amount of work and skill that goes into even a small game asset.

Android Sister Saori

Androidvlogger and monthly capsule B1101 resident October to November 2020.


Publisher of “Nakagin Capsule Tower – The Last Record”


An account devoted to saving Nakagin Capsule Tower set up by the Spanish architectural group @atari_ka.


Monthly capsule B403 resident January to February 2021


Capsule resident 2013 to 2020.


Traveller, cook and capsule A805 resident 2019 to 2020.

Tecture Magazine

Tecture magazine

Keisuke Toyoda

Architect and Specially Appointed Professor, Institute of Industrial Science, The University of Tokyo. Associated with Gluon san in the 3D Digital Archive preservation of architectural heritage.


Resident of capsule A1203. Pokémon and railway enthusiast.

Globe Globe

Demolition videos


I suppose I should include myself! One day I’ll align all the names.