Site Format

There’s a really broad range of things I want to put here but no obvious way to organise it. I started a mind map with lots of categories, but before long the limits of trees became apparent, with leaves potentially sat under multiple parent branches, or alternate classifications suggesting some things are better structured under alternative, intersecting trees. I am reminded of many years ago when “Web 2.0” was being conjectured, one key point was “Tagging, not taxonomy”. I think there is something in this.

I thought maybe building up by tagged blog post might work, with index pages showing everything with a given tag. Makes sense in my head, but a whole blog entry for what in some cases will be nothing more than a hyperlink might be a bit heavy handed.

I don’t have any of my own photos of the Capsule Tower, but I’m not particularly happy about using other people’s photos directly. I notice that some get used all over the place, with attribution lost long ago. For photos on social media sites I will use WordPress plugins which show the post – I think this is a reasonable use, and is part of the point of social media. One of the objectives of this site is to “curate” content to make it easy to find in one place, rather than having to search. Not all social media posts bear hashtags that make interesting content searchable, so linking from here draws it all together.

Anything I use I’ll give attribution where I know it and if possible a link to drive a little traffic to the originator. Of course, If I’ve used your photo as an integral part of this site and you’d rather I didn’t I will of course be happy to remove it, no quibbles.