Nakagin Capsule Tower Ginza White Ark

This photobook has a wealth of images and information about the Capsule Tower and its history, features and interviews with residents and speculation on the future of the building. It is a treasured part of my collection!

The book was produced by the Nakagin Capsule Tower Building Preservation/Regeneration Project, crowdfunded on Motion Gallery. This attracted 353 contributors, significantly exceeding the original target and leading to the publication of the book. Available to higher contributors were a badges and post cards.

The book is becoming harder to find, but is still available from some sellers. If you can’t find it new its worth trying second hand – I have noticed that Japanese second hand books are often in as new condition – snap it up if you see it.

ISBN-10 : 4810912884
ISBN-13 : 978-4810912883